Working with time series charts in perspective

I am working with Time Series Charts and am struggling to figure out how to make my time series charts displaying laser data look like an existing chart which was designed by an engineer who has since parted ways with the company. I need it to take the data which I have already pulled in and given a transform script and display as red when it is below the "set point" and green when it is equal or above.

^ This is what I want it to look and function like, where green shows periods of time above the setpoint and red shows when it was below (really poor showing of the red but the line has (un)fortunately been performing well all day )

^ This is what it currently looks like

^ Here is a bit of a better showing of what the target chart Usually looks like, with the different colored areas showing periods of time below the minimum (setpoint)

These could serve as inspiration or solution:

My guess would be that they use the XY Chart to achieve this rather than the Time Series Chart.

Yes that simple rectangle chart is pretty much spot on what I want, however I have never used the ignition exchange before and even after importing it I can't seem to even figure out how the guy did it haha.