Workstation for Maker

Is there any scope to add Workstation to Maker edition?

I have a couple of home clients that would really benefit from the kiosk capability and on screen keyboard. Workstation handles these much better than the janky solutions I’ve created :sweat_smile:

I understand my use case may be quite niche and that the full feature set (especially in the future) may be a bit overkill for Maker, but I just wanted to dip a toe in the water to test the likelihood of it happening. And to also see if there are others in the Maker community that would like this functionality as well.

I would tread lightly using the words client and Maker in the same context. There are some strict terms of service involved here.

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Hi @deon.korb thanks for the prompt.

For clarification, in this case I am strictly referencing a ‘client’ as being part of a server-client architecture. My use of Maker edition adhere’s to IA’s terms of service and is only for personal home automation use and to improve my knowledge of the software.

More than happy for IA to come and audit… especially if they can give me some free tips on improving on my current setup :laughing:


Out of interest, what hardware do you use for these clients?

I just use a phone, but would like a permanent that is cheap, light on power, and doesn’t look like it belongs in a lab or plant

My main one is a rapberry pi hooked up to a tv. I bought a touchscreen surround for it because its in my kitchen so I didn’t want to have a keyboard/mouse lying around.

Not brilliant for power consumption, but it looks pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:

Other than that its mainly phone or my pc. I do have a spare pi that i was thinking of putting elsewhere, but haven’t got around to it yet :sweat_smile:

For a ‘cheap’ tablet, the amazon fire HD tablet works well. You can side load the perspective APK.


Matthew / care to describe your ‘janky’ solutions? Maker at my house running on a PI with a PI touchscreen is not playing nice thats for sure (from power up to autolaunch)

What problems are you experiencing? I have around 100 RPis in production at our factory all running Vision. I’m going to convert them to Perspective at some point.

I’m currently auto-launching into chromium which uses my Perspective project as it’s home page. I did have this booting in kiosk mode originally, but I like it better without. I’ve been playing around with various browser based keyboards, but none seem to work fully. I’m currently using a cheap bluetooth keyboard, but this is starting to die.

I really love the touchscreen functionality, I just can’t find a suitable medium to handle typing tasks. I’ve been meaning to play with Workstation more to try and test it’s capabilities and to see if it really is suitable for what I’m hoping to use it for.