WRAP function not working at the Mobile View in Perspective

Hi Connection,

I have Enabled the wrap option in the screens development

but still wrapping is not exactly working at the Mobile View screen.

Help out to resolve this issue.

Hello Adarsh_Shelar,

From your screenshot it looks like you only set the root container to be wrap, it's possible the other flex containers in the view may also need to be set to wrap as well. It may be best to open a support ticket and provide an export of your view for us to take a deeper look.

The current selection in your first screenshot is the root container, and the flex direction is column. Setting this container to flex would result in multiple columns being displayed if your content is too tall for the screen, but from your screenshot it looks like your concern is the Pie Charts/graphics being too wide. If you want those to wrap, you'd need to set the wrap property for the container which houses the graphics, assuming they're in a row-oriented Flex Container..