Wrapper.log: DefaultExceptionMapper error and more

Just wondering what the meaning of next entries is:

Lots of them in my wrapper.log? Any suggestion for further investigation?

Other strange entries:

Installed Ignition version: 8.0.12 (b2020042115)

Thanks in advance, regards

I think the first ones have been known to occur when using Firefox browser… is anyone accessing the gateway doing so with Firefox? They can generally be ignored.

The scripting error isn’t enough to go on. Was there an option to expand for more details?

The UascClientMessageHandler error is telling the Kepware instance you’re connected to closed the connection (or maybe it’s a translation of the “the host software in your machine aborted the connection…”). Either way it’s just a connection lost for some reason.

Thanks Mr Herron.

You are right: I myself was using Firefox.

I don’t remember: I will check, when I’m back to the customer.

Ok, thanks, I will investigate further. To this regards, I saw that in the historian sql data table many values have 600 as quality value, which means unknown: may be there is a relationship.

Thanks, I will be back as soon as possible