Wrapper.log does not update any more

I use the wrapper.log file to debug ValueChanged event scripts with print commands. Today afternoon I noticed that Ignition stopped logging my prints: nothing more gets logged to that file as if the logging system were dead. Since that is the only way to debug scripts, any idea on how to restart the logging engine, without restarting the gateway? (I really can’t restart the gateway, plant is in production!!).

Thanks in advance, regards

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Use system.util.getLogger(), then use .info() or .infof() on that logger.

Thanks pturmel for your suggestion. That does not restart Ignition logging to the wrapper.log file and that’s what I need

What you describe sounds like what happens when Ignition rotates the log file while tail -f is running on it. The log gets renamed and new wrapper.log is started. Tail holds the file open, so it still points at the renamed file.

I had Visual Studio Code open on it, to see log updates live, when Ignition stopped logging. But even after closing VSC, Ignition did not resume. Then I deleted wrapper.log and all its history versions, but untill now after 1 day, Ignition has not started any new log file. I think that the log thread has stopped: is there any way to restart it?

No more suggestion on this topic? Please help me: I’m totally blind on any exception and I cannot restart Ignition because of running production 24/7!!

Thanks, regards

No further ideas from me. Sorry. Never seen what you describe, nor heard of anyone else with the problem. Have you contacted support?

(You may have to restart. If you are that dependent on an Ignition gateway for production, you should be running a redundant pair.)

Hallo pturmel, thanks for your help! I had a chance today to restart the gateway and Ignition resumed logging to wrapper.log. Not good for me if it will happen again, because it’s almost impossible the customer let you restart the server.

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