Wrapper log file headers

Does anyone know the column header names in the wrapper logs?

Based on what I am seeing
column 1 appears to be the logger type (not sure about this one)
column 2 appears to be the java machine name
column 3 is the date time stamp
column 4 is the log message

I’m putting together a short presentation of system type data that Ignition offers for some IT people interested in monitoring the gateway server and I know they will have questions on this.



looks like format ‘LPTM’ is used by default, so:

  • ‘L’ for log level,
  • ‘P’ for prefix,
  • ‘T’ for time,
  • ‘M’ for message.

“Prefix” does not appear to be well defined though. I think it’s trying to indicate whether it’s the wrapper itself or a JVM instance responsible for that line.

Thank you.

Logback (via the logback.xml file) gives you programmatic access to standard logging output (which is distinct from stdout of the process, but generally all you need for debugging).
There’s some discussion in this thread about using that output more directly in other tools.

Based on where I managed to get before having to move on, we switched our logfile-format to PM because the level and prefix entries were not particularly useful.

As I recall the level was inconsistent with the log contents, Info level attached to exceptions or something like that. We just dropped it.