Write on StringArray Tag

Hi ,
I need to write value to certain String Array Element . for example
SArray1[2] , i need to write 65 on the Value instead of 110.0 .. i failed to use system.tag.writeAsync

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Consider using system.tag.writeBlocking - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation instead.

Consider using a document tag for the root, and a derived tag for each member you want t o modify (using jsonGet and jsonSet), which would expose each inner value as a distinct tag.

Tag originally array read from PLC as StringArray .and actually it 160 array element .

@PGriffith on the same array some ID is null , thus why if i used document data type i will not know which element is it ? but if i used string array i will know from Array element no.
what i am looking for is write only value on element array [1]!!