"Write" or "Overwrite" a dataset custom property

Good afternoon,

I am struggling with the syntax to achieve the following.

I would like to read a custom property on the Root container of my screen. This dataset initially contains a table of 3 rows, 2 columns. I read the 6 values into my actionPerformed button and do some stuff with the information. Finally I write the 6 values back to the dataset.

Will this dataset automatically reset if I restart or save the client?
What is the syntax to achieve this?

rect[0] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(0, 0)
rect[1] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(1, 0)
rect[2] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(2, 0)
temp[0] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(0, 1)
temp[1] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(1, 1)
temp[2] = event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.getValueAt(2, 1)

#do stuff with values

data = []

for x in range(3):
    data.append([rect[x], rect[y]])

event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.data = system.dataset.toDataSet(data)

The above code says the last line cannot be coerced to dataset.

toDataSet can only be called with a single argument if you already have a PyDataset - constructing the shame data “shape” (lists of lists) is not sufficient. Your call should work if you call it with the two argument syntax:

event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.data = system.dataset.toDataSet(event.source.parent.ds_Cycle.columnNames, data)
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