Write Tag from designer to Automate

i didn’t find any topics about, let alone with any good concils.
My question here is, how can i write and send tags from Edit Binding to Ip (Automate):


Can you show the details of the pop and the logs of the error

Is it a Siemens PLC using the Siemens driver (guessing from the device name)? If so, HR999 is not a valid OPC Item Address. Also, you have a data type of “Integer Array” which is not doing what you think (it is treating a single 16-bit register as an array of bits).

Please describe the data as organized in the PLC for us. Then we can help you get the data to move back and forth with the OPC Quick Client. Only after that is verified do you go on to make your UI.

We have two PLCs connected in Stand-by,
The PLC Siemens S7-1500R/H-System_1, CPU 1517H-3 PN is a server which provides an array size of 1001 words,
The 650th words are read on equipment by the Siemens PLC,
They, HR0 to HR650, are seen as read-only from the point of view of Ignition, Ignition must be able to write words to PLC between HR651 and HR1000 words.

My Data Type look like ok, i actually need to send one word only on HR999

Sorry i’m a beginner, i don’t know where to find the logs yet


Did you deliberately use the Modbus driver for your Siemens PLC? The error is the target device deliberately rejecting the register number as invalid. Look in your PLC for the problem.

No i didn’t deliberately use the Modbus driver, but each time i try to use the Siemens PLC one then i loose the connection with it. Maybe i need hand on it.


Please where i did en error

HR999 is not a valid address for the Siemens driver. As I noted five days ago.


In the Siemens PLC, there is NO HRxxx… Where did you find these HRs…?

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Hello, my coworkers and i had connected till this afternoon with our device S71517h3pn with Type of Modbus TCP, but for any reason we lost it, the set up with Modbus TCP which is mandatory because we use two redundancy PLC (system), so we must to use the Modbus TCP.
Can you help us to know how we could connect back

You should consider contacting Inductive Automation Support. While the forums are a great resource for knowledge sharing and basic troubleshooting advice - it is not an ideal resource for troubleshooting of this nature.