Write time out error caused by write id mismatch

I have redundant Ignition 7.7.8 on 2 server with Java 8.11 on Windows 7 64, and SIMATIC NET OPC.
On one of 4 clients occurred error when operator tried to new value by button with direct link: “Error writing to tag … Write timed out [C]”, at the same time on the server the following log is generated:

11:50:32 COMSubscription Received transaction completion event for unknown item, client id: 0 11:51:01 Provider[Common] [[Common]...] Error writing to OPC address ... Result code: [TIMEOUT] nullBut value on PLC changed after that. At the same time other records are not made.
It seems that the Ignition is sometimes incorrectly interprets the response, and at the same time with this recording of other records is not performed.

How can I solve the problem or at least to hide errors?

Is this write being done through a script or a binding? If it is a script, is it possible that the script is getting called twice is very quick succession?


Write being done through a binding.
We observed this error with tags that writening to SIMATIC NET OPC and Schneider CoDeSys OPC with OPC-COM module.

Ticket in support: #43588