Write to wrapper.log from client startup script

Is there any way to write some debug info into the wrapper.log from client Startup Script?
I tried with

logger = system.util.getLogger('VK2Logger')
logger.warn("ClientStartUpScript:  - There's already Ignition client running on %s. Closing second instance..." % (address))

but it’s not showing in wrapper.log.

I know about this: http://forum.inductiveautomation.com/t/why-no-message-in-the-wrapper-log/10191/2
I was just wondering if there is some way?

It’s not the most elegant solution, but you can raise an exception without catching it, and it’ll be written to wrapper.log (along with the stack trace).

just try print statement, for gateay scripts it automatically goes to wrapper.log. For client scripts I guess it will come in the console

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Did you try system.util.sendMessage? In the message handler on the gateway you can write to the log.


The beauty of this community… when you run out of ideas, there’s always someone with the new one… :+1: