Writing a tag from Ignition to a factorytalk panelview

Hello everyone;
have any of you ever tried to write a tag from Ignition to a factorytalk panelview?

Panelviews don’t really have an service you can write to. They need to do the reading, instead. They support OPC/UA, so they should be able to connect to Ignition’s native OPC server. You can use the “publish tags” setting to expose your tags for external access.

Unfortunately, that’s an all-or-nothing setting. If you cannot or do not want to expose all tags, you might be able to use something like my Ethernet/IP Module. It makes Ignition look like an AB PLC chassis that should be accessible from the Panelview’s AB driver (untested). You would create suitable tags within this virtual PLC and write to them from Ignition. The Panelview would see the changes.

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Thanks for your input pturmel, it gives me and idea on how to proceed.
Thanks again!