Writing a value of a table to a tag

I am trying to read the value of one of the columns of a table having a 6*2 datatset and write them to 6 tags. Can anyone tell me how I can write the value from a table to a tag?

Hi @fzahin, is this for Vision or Perspective?

@matthew.ayre Hi, I am enquiring about vision

tags=['tag1', 'tag2',...] 

pds=system.dataset.toPyDataSet(<your dataset goes here>)

vals=pds[:,1] #get the 2nd column as a list
system.tag.writeAsync(tags, vals) 

I don’t know how your dataset is stored, whether it’s in a tag or a component custom property. The tags list should contain the complete tagpaths to your tags


Hi @nminchin, my problem with scripts is that it needs to be put under a event handler of any component, but what I essentially want is a binding type of scenario. For instance, when I go to the data property of the table, press the bind icon, I can go to cell update and bind each element on the table individually to a tag. But this allows only a unidirectional binding and and doesn’t let the table write to the tag, only the tag can write to the cell on the table. Could you suggest me a way where I could create a binding kind of scenario between the cell of a table and a tag where the table writes to the tag?