Writing data to AS400 with the JDBC-ODBC driver


I have a Problem writing data to an AS400 Database via the JDBC-ODBC driver.

I already have a valid connection to the Database (which was also a hard work).
So it look likes the DSN works.
And I also can see the existing tables at the Database.

When i launch the designer the connection to the table seems alright.

But when I add an OPC Tag (via FactoryTalk Gateway from a ControlLogix) i get the Error “Unable to start group. ResultSet is closed”.

If i try to do an query to the table like “Select * from Table”, i get the following error message:
[DB2 UDB]SQL0104-Token 1000 was not valid. Valid tokens: FOR WITH FETCH ORDER UNION EXECPT OPTIMIZE

Has someone a clue what could be wrong?

My software versions:
Ignition: 7.1.2
SQL Bridge: 5.1.2
Java: 1.6.20

Thx for any help


Have you considered the following:

  1. Use a direct JDBC driver to communicate with your AS400 database. The JDBC-ODBC connection type is primarily recommended for Microsoft Access and probably not the best idea if you can avoid it. I found the following links with a quick Google search.


  1. Connect to your ControlLogix PLC directly in Ignition instead of via FactoryTalk.