Writing many similar items in a transaction group

i need some help with a transaction group.

i am taking the measurements from 5 ultrasonic sensors at 300 ms intervals, and putting them into an array.
I made a udt in my compactlogix to hold all five readings so the 5 readings are a single element in the array.
I have 24 array elements all named similarly and because of this when i use them in a transaction group they all try to write to similar targets giving an error

I tried to break up the array into UDT’S created in ignition but the same problem.

Anybody have any ideas to fix this easily, other than re-naming 1 by 1 . i am going to need to do this several more times.

[attachment=0]transactin group.png[/attachment]

Block Groups store multiple rows of data at the same time. You can use them to enter 5 columns of data and 1 row for each sensor. You can learn more about them in the user manual.