Writing memory tag as qualified value on a gateway using UTC timezone

Using an Ignition 8.1 gateway with no timezone configuration (using local timezone : UTC+2), I’ve been writing qualified value to memory tags in order to have backdated alarms logged.

from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.model.values import BasicQualifiedValue, QualityCode	

bqv = BasicQualifiedValue(True, QualityCode.Good, date)

system.tag.writeAsync([tagPath], [bqv])

Script is running in Gateway Tag Change Scripts.

Trying the exact same operation with the gateway using UTC timezone (changed into ignition.conf) resulted in memory tags being time stamped with the OS time instead of the qualified value time as in the initial test.

Below a log extract where the given qualified value is displayed and where the tags.execution.actors.memory report a value change event with the OS timestamp (value is well written)

Are they limitation working with a gateway configured with UTC timezone that would prevent scripts to write qualified value’s timestamp to memory tags ?