Writing multiples tags to sql , using multiple colums. what transaction group is recommended

hello, i have a third party software that uses SQL server. so i’m trying to add the hours of all my equipments to a table in this database. i need to write. equipment_id ( which can be tag name) , hours ( woluld be tag value) , timestamp ( which is already in written in transaction groups)

i have been trying to use transaction groups but has not been successful. i have more than 80 devices and i want to record the hours of all of them at the same time every 24 hours. i would insert if equipment_id does not exist yet after that update. like i said i have tried block group, standard group, both not successful. standard group is writing to only two columns hours and timestamp, but i can’t get the equipment_id or tag name to be written to the table, and with block group it wrote the timestamp but could not even get the hours per machine. any ideas? anyone has done this in ignition? if not i’m sure i can record the tag history for each equipment and then run and SP and from there run it from inside SQL Server. but i was hoping ignition would make this easier. since it is for this type of things.

thanks for any help in advance.

using 7.9.13

One row per equipment, or one row with all equipment?

One row per equipment . I need to used write at least in three different columns

Equipment_id, value, datetime.

Per equipment

  • If you are using the name of the tag, You will need to drag it in twice. Once for the name once for the value.
  • You will need to rename one of the items because you can’t have duplicates.
  • The item for the name must have 'Name selected in the item configuration.

    If you use the standard group, you will need a separate transaction group for each equipment. A long time to set up, but easier to add/subract single items later by adding or removing transaction groups.
    Same for block groups, but one block for the names, one block for the values. I’ve not really cared for

This is an application that would lend itself well to scripting.

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