Writing object 'event' to a client tag?

Hi to all inductive automation masters out there.

I would like to ask if this is possible to write an ‘event’ object to tag and then retrieve that object coming from the tag as is. rather that i pass the object to a function and manipulate it.

Thanks :prayer:

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

My gut tells me no, because of the way tags are serialized to to the database.

I would say, although I’ve never done it, that one could serialize an event to a database table. Still scripting involved, though.

I’m just stymied as to why one would want to to this, though… :slight_smile:

hi sir,

sorry to bother but i think i found my way of solution is to get the object on the template. rather than write it to tag.

loginPress = system.gui.getWindow('Main Windows/Process').rootContainer.getComponent('Blank Template').getComponent(0).getComponent('Port 1').getComponent(0).getComponent('Login Button')

Main Windows
L>Blank Template
L>Port 1
L>Login Button #here’s where i will get the event