Writing push notifications in my server logs?

Just recently I started seeing this all over my browser logs consistently. I only see it when the the filter is on “All” so I assume its not bad but I don’t understand what it means

My feeling based on everything else in Ignition is that the server is pushing updates to applications but on our production server we only push app changes once a week so that cannot be or something is wrong. What does it mean?

See the “T” at the left? Someone turned that logger to “Trace”, flooding your logs.

FYI: “Push notifications” is the mechanism that the gateway uses to send out-of-band event messages to Vision clients and designers.

Yea I realized the Trace thing and switching that goes back to normal. Out-of-band event messages being something that is beyond my control as a developer right? This isn’t some gateway event that someone programmed but the internal server logic doing what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly?

Yes. Totally normal part of a properly running gateway while clients and designers are connected.