Writing tags to Historian at selected times during the day

I would like to write tag values to Historian at selected times during the day. I am new to Ignition and have not been able to find anything on the topic.

Easiest thing I know of to only record values into history at a selected time would be to do it manually with a script on a client tag using the system.tag.storeTagHistory function.

I think you could be asking one of two things: 1) “I want to store tag values only during certain times of the day, for other times I do not want any information stored to the Historian.” 2) “I want tag information stored for all day, but I only want Ignition to store it to SQL during certain hours.”

For #1, then you probably want to check the SQL Bridge Module out:
Set up transactions to run to store your data only during the times you need.

For #2, then change your Store and Forward Settings:
make sure you make the cache and buffer sizes big enough to hold data from the parts of the day that you aren’t connecting in.