Writing to client date tag error in client startup script

I’m experiencing an odd error and I’m not sure how to resolve this.

I have a client startup script that has the following code:

system.tag.write("[Client]Special/startDate",system.date.format(system.date.now(),‘MM/dd/yyyy 6:00:00’))
system.tag.write("[Client]Special/endDate",system.date.format(system.date.now(),‘MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:00’))

And for some reason it doesn’t execute?

But the following code does in the same client startup script:

system.tag.write(clientTag, system.tag.read(tag).value)

Which indicates the client startup script is excecuting.

Furthermore, when I put the two lines of code above in a client timer script, it executes just fine.

Any suggestions?

I just tried out your code with no issues. One thing to keep in mind (and I didn’t realize it myself, until I played with this) is that when you publish the project, the startup script does not run on updated clients (ones already running). they need to start fresh.

Oddly, I’m still having no luck.

If it helps, the tag that its writing to is a Date Range component where the startDate and endDate is binded to these tags bidirectionally.