Writing to OPC StringArray Tag


I use Ignition v8.1.1

I have the problem to write to Saia Merz OPC Server String Array
In the OPC Server My variable is ASCII Array of 10 elements Register

In Ignition This variable is String Array of Data Type

So… I can read the array, but I can’t write to it…

What do I do wrong or this trick is not working for SAIA Merz OPC Server?

Thanx in Advance

How are you attempting to write to it? What happens? What does “not working” mean in this case?

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This is my Code. I found this method from forum and modified it in my way.

the Error:

The array should look like:

Is there a more detailed error in the gateway logs? You might have to find the logger(s) searching for “OpcUaConnection” and turn those to DEBUG or TRACE to see more detail.


Oh, this is an OPC COM connection… That changes things.

what does it mean?) it’s hopeless to write an Array then?

It doesn’t look like writing to arrays in the OPC COM module is or will be supported :confused:

ok. so... do You know if SAIA OPC Server can be connected in some other way?

or should I install Matrikon OPC Explorer and connect to it?)) I just want to solve this issue) I don’t believe that there is no way to write arrays to OPC Server)

Sorry, I don't know anything about this server.

I'm not suggesting it's impossible or not supported by OPC COM in general, but that specifically Ignition's OPC COM module does not have this functionality and that the ticket notes suggest it won't be implemented because of poor COM interop from Java and memory leak issues.

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ok. anyway thanx for Your help)

If you really need to write this data you might try putting a COM tunneler product like Matrikon’s or KEPware’s in front of this server and then making an OPC UA connection to that tunneler and trying to write the array over OPC UA. Obviously you should not use our tunneler driver because it will have the same lack of array support.

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We will try it!
I will write back if we'll solve this issue or not) :face_with_monocle: