Writing to OPC-UA server memory JSON tag from OPC-UA Client

I’ve successfully exposed my gateways tags to and external OPC-UA client. I can read everything. I can write values to memory Integer and String tags from the client. However, I can’t write to a memory JSON tag from the client. When I try writing the client gives me an error, The access level does not allow writing to the node. There is nothing different about my three test tags, just the data type.

Does Ignition not allow writing to a JSON tag from an OPC client or do I have to set up some kind of special permission or rule? Why would writing to a JSON tag be different to writing to an Integer or String.

Many thanks!

It doesn’t look like it is supported right now.

There is no Document (JSON) OPC UA datatype, so we expose it as a Node with a String DataType. When an OPC UA client writes a String back it doesn’t appear that the exposed tags feature or Ignition’s tag system has any brains to try to turn String back into Document, so I think that’s why it fails.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for fast response!
It’d be a nice feature in future releases :slight_smile:
Thanks again!