Writing to plc tag using a udt and custom property


I have perspective project where I am writing to a plc tag which writes to a laser marker block. I recently have switched my tags to udts to help with scalability.

However, when I use a custom property to write a machineID based on device IP it doesn’t seem to write. I believe my issue is that I need to output the tagpath as a string?? See image below.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Steve,

You've double nested your list of tag paths. Instead of a list of (one) strings, you have a list of a list of one string.

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Thanks for the help, this solved my issue! Here's the updated code below in the correct format (I think) :slight_smile:

tagPath = "[default]Keyence Laser Marker MD-X2000/" + self.session.custom.IP_MachineID + "/Trigger"