Writing to tags from custom module in gateway scope


We are currently developing a module in the gateway scope for our main ignition setup. we are trying to write to an MQTT tag in one of our edge devices from this centralized gateway module.

However, when we are trying to write to the MQTT tag on the edge device we get a "not found" error.

We have no issue writing to other tag types, but as soon as the end reciever is an MQTT tag we end up with errors.

Therefore, we tried to make a reference tag or derieved tag as an interface, but that results in a "bad read only" error.

We have tried with MQTT engine and transmitter module activated.

Is there anything blocking us from writing to MQTT tag from the gateway scope?

Perhaps you can find the answer to your question here:
Cirrus Link: writing to tag from gateway

We figured it out.

We were to eager to test and didn't wait for the MQTT to connect before trying to change the value.

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