Writing to tags very slow

Hello everyone,
I have Ignition v8.1.18 installed and connected to an Allen Bradley PLC using “Allen-Bradley Logix Driver” driver.
Writing to tags of type integer has a delay of 2-3 seconds ; writing to booleans takes 10-11 seconds!!
Connectivity to plc not an issue ; ping times <20ms and stable.
Is there some other setting under the gateway that I have to check ??
any other suggestions ??

Thanks in advance,

Just a few questions that may be helpful to know:
What PLC Compact/Control?
What version?
What scan classes are you using?
Are you using AOI data?


Please provide a screenshot of the diagnostics for that device.

You can find them under Ignition Gateway > Status > Connections > Devices > Details button.

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Hello Kevin,
I did check the scan class for the tag group that [jlandwerlen] mentioned ; the lease/driven rate was set to 10000ms so I did change it to 1000ms and the delay for writing tags drastically reduced…(cheers for that)
This is the screenshot you asked…
Please feedback,


I did check the scan class ; it was set to 10000ms…I changed it to 1000ms and it looks ok now!