Writing to the output console help

How come in this video from university the guy creating the video can write directly to the console

Working with Datasets Video at Inductive University

But when I do it I have to go to the gateway to check the logs, which is a hilariously annoying dev experience.

I am simply trying to log to the Output Console a string when a button is clicked

The video is using Vision components. I suspect you are developing in Perspective.

See system.perspective.print()

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If Jordan is right and you're indeed trying this from perspective, try system.perspective.print() instead.
This will print to the designer's console AND the browser's console.

Thank you that worked. Do you have any tips on how to access the data within a table? My button is in a flex container and my table is in a different flex container .

In the above video he does


however, my event object is entirely empty, and certainly do not have a "source" option

event.source is purely a Vision thing. In Perspective, the equivalent is simply self. You should use the property selector tool to help you connect to other components' properties. (Though, generally, it is best to connect to view custom properties bidirectionally--avoids later problems when you rearrange your components.)

(Also, don't use videos from Vision as references in Perspective. Utterly different technologies.)

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in trying "self" I do not see a parent property either.

Thank you for the response as well

Not all attributes are exposed there. Review this section of the manual for documentation on what is truly available.

thank you