Wrong Data on Easy Chart

We are seeing an issue with an Easy Chart not showing the correct data from several Tag History Pens. It seems that only the most extreme data point to the right shows the correct value for a particular Tag History Pen and the others to the left are incorrect. Looking at some of the tag history tables, I see there are 76 rows in the sqlth_te table with ids 1-76. When I check the distinct tagids from the most recent partition table, it shows 21 tagids that are greater than 76. Also, when I cross reference a tagid from the sqlth_te into the most recent partition table the values do not match what I know they should be. It seems that the tag history has somehow become corrupted and references to the tags being stored with the tagids larger than 76 have been lost. Is there a procedure for resetting or rebuilding the tag history database tables, or maybe there is another issue here?