Wrong Decimal Symbol in Report Export CSV

Hello All,

I created a report that looks like the following and will be created every day at midnight.(Ver 8.1.25)

As you can see all the values have decimal point as Decimal symbol.
Customer asked me to use French(Canadian) OS and I also changed the Project Locale to French(Canada). French Canadian uses Dot for Decimal symbol and Comma for List separator.

Now I need to export the above Report in CSV. Using the Save File action to export the report to CSV.

Here is the result when I open the file with Excel.

Why all my values have Commas instead of Dots now. Why?
Strangly when I export the report on an English OS all the values have Dots.
Also why all the values are in String format?

Is there a settings somewhere for not changing the Dots to Commas?

Thank you for your input