Wrong IP address used for outgoing gateway network connection

This is driving me nuts. I have an ignition edge gateway on an IOT network, plus it has a second NIC to communicate with a local PLC network. For some reason I am getting an error when I attempt to connect to the central gateway. In the error the IP address is the PLC network not the IOT network. Is there a way to specify which NIC to use?

Looking around in settings, I don't see a way, but I would make sure you don't have 2 default routes set up or else they'll conflict with each other. Is this on Windows or Linux? Either way there should only be a single default gateway, but if you need to talk to multiple networks on both sides, then you'll have to set up some routing tables on the PC to get it to work correctly.

Its and OnLogics PC running windows. I didn't set up this gateway. The main thing I am trying to accomplish is setting up EAM with this device and my primary gateway. I was able to connect to it using the primary gateway, but when I attempt to run a backup, it just waits indefinitely. Where do I define the default routes? Also, is there other things I can do to troubleshoot?

You just need to check the network configurations of all connections and see if they have multiple default gateways/routes defined. If so, you'll have to determine what all subnets on each network everything needs to talk to.

Thanks! I'll look into it

If the gateway does need to talk to multiple subnets on both networks, then you'll have to dig into adding routes to the routing table, otherwise if it's like most systems I've worked on, if there's only a single subnet on the "LAN" side where it's talking to any PLCs, you'll make sure there's no default route/gateway configured for that connection and most likely your problem will be fixed. My guess is there's 2 default gateways and one connection is being prioritized over the other. There's ways of changing the metrics, but usually the best solution is to fix the configuration before making customizations.

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