Wyze Cam v2 Integration

Hi all! Familiar “regular” ignition user here just getting things set up on Maker Edition. Does anyone have information on how to integrate Wyze Cam v2 with Ignition? I have tried a few methods such as converting RTSP streams and also connecting directly to the IP but none of this has worked. Any help would be very much appreciated!


Doesn’t look like they have any public API, and from the looks of this link you will have to install new firmware to enable RTSP:

Then I think its a case of using the following format to get the stream:


I have tried that and am able to connect via VLC, but cannot connect via Perspective Video Player. Anyone have a simple path to bridge the two?


Looks like the component/browser doesn’t support RTSP:

One option from the RTSP might be on-the-fly transcoding using vlc.


Note that the original poster in that link was only able to go to Ogg Theora. Browser support for this format is a little more limited than h.264:

The post was created 6 years ago, so it’s possible on the fly transcoding can now go to h.264, which has even better support across browsers.

If you give this route a shot, let us know if you have any success! I haven’t had the opportunity to try this myself.