X axis issues in category type charts


When using a Vision chart component to plot an XY, where X axis is part numbers and Y axis is Temperature, The coordinate plots are not aligning properly. For example: There are three repetitive part numbers that have three different temperatures, if there are repetitive part numbers in X axis it displays only one.


An XY chart is a graph–X and Y are both coordinates. You might try a category chart.

Yes, the chart is configured as a category type chart. however, it does not display the repetitive values in x axis… if I have three values ( 300, 300 and 300) only one of that value shows up in x axis…

Also, I would like to pose a different question here, is it possible to differentiate the background color of the chart according to specified ranges? example below.

What about making the bins as separate datasets? use a pour number or timestamp to differentiate on the X-axis.

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