X Axis Margin on Easy Chart and other concerns


While we want to make use of all of the great features of the Easy Chart operating in Real Time mode, one thing we require is a margin on the upper-bound of the X-Axis, I know this property can be specified in the basic chart object. It would be ideal if we could do this by setting a margin property and keep the graph operating in real time mode, but I am sure it can be done by setting the graph into manual mode then replicating many of the existing Real Time controls (time interval specification and units of time drop down.) I just want to know if there is a more convenient method?

Another, entirely separate issue I’d like to resolve has to do with a custom Marker system I’ve discussed here before. We need to synchronize data between a local data acquisition van and a database server back at our head quarters. The subset of data we need to replicate from our equipment is easily replicated through FactorySQL. However, the marker information (time stamp, and marker text) is being replicated programmatically through our FactoryPMI project. Under normal operations, this works very well, but if our connection to the home office is unavailable the script which synchronizes this data will display error message boxes saying that the remote data source is faulted. I expect this behavior, but it appears that I cannot trap these exceptions and suppress the message box. Is there a way to make such an error fail silently in this instance?

I have just upgraded to version 3.2.5 of Factory PMI, just so you know what features I have available.

Thank you for your time, you have been a great help thus far.

I will put an “X-Axis margin” property in as a feature request, and it will make it in the next version, but fair warning: I don’t expect the next version to be released anytime soon (expect about 2 months, unless pressing bugs expedite its timeline).

As for the trapping issue, the fpmi.db.runUpdateQuery() function will show any errors, but the fpmi.db.runQuery() function will throw a trappable exception (it can throw JavaError and ValueError). So you could run a “test query” first before you synchronize to test and see if the datasource is working or not in a script.

Thank you very much Carl, you’ve been a great help throughout this entire project.

One last question regarding the x-axis margin setting, do you foresee this value being a percentage of the current x-axis range or an absolute value? Our preference would be for the value to be a percentage so that the spacing is normalized across all time intervals, but I understand that our needs are not your sole consideration here.

Have a great day.

I think that a percentage would be appropriate.