X-Trace Across Subplots

Currently, the Easy Chart default behavior seems to be clicking on a subplot with X-trace enabled will show it only for the that sub particular subplot. Is it possible to have an X-trace show up across subplots? The behavior would be to keep the same X-axis and show the dotted X-trace line for all subplots, while showing the value of each ofthe pens on each subplot.

I’ve added this as a feature request.

Thank you.

Besides bumping this because I’d really like this feature :mrgreen: , can I add another request for the Easy Chart? When “Show Save Button” is enabled on an Easy Chart component, I only get the bottom-most (last) subplot data in the xls file. I’m not sure how to get other subplots included, and I don’t see a data property exposed via scripting to get all displayed data out of the Easy Chart to do it myself. Can you guys add all subplot data to the data export on top of the x-trace feature? Or perhaps expose all current data to scripting?



Both (all subplots exported in the spreasheet) and exposing the current dataset to scripting are good ideas.

X trace will go across sublpots starting in 7.4.3. Better late than never!