X-trace behavior on EasyChart

Recently I was looking at one of my EasyCharts and noticed that when using X-Trace mode its exhibiting behavior that seems weird but may be normal. Here is what the chart looks like normally with X-Trace activated:

The problem seems to be when I zoom in using X-Trace it A) Shows all the other pens clumped into the lower left hand corner, B) Doesn’t show my X-Trace line, C) Doesn’t show the time for the location I have picked, instead I get Dec 31, 1969 at 4:00:00 PM in the lower left hand corner:

Is this normal behavior or am I missing a setting or something? I’ve noticed it on some of my other charts, but not all of them, and they all seem to be configured the same, wit the exception of the pens. Thanks for any input.

Did you have any luck sorting this issue? This date behavior just started to happen in one of my easycharts and I have no idea where to start.

The X-Trace needs a data point for each pen to actually be in view or it gets weird results. I rewrote X-Trace entirely for the NoteChart module because I couldn’t get the superclass implementation to work the way I thought it should. Consider substituting NoteChart or EasyNoteChart in your window to compare.
(You can search/replace the class names in an XML export of a window to quickly substitute.)

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