X-Trace Info box Text Properties

There is a really cool feature of the time series chart wherein you click the legend of the channel of interest and it highlights it, like this:



What I would like to happen is the text for that channel in the info box is also made to stick out, probably by making it’s color #000000 and BOLD.

Info box text colors are all the same

I don’t see anyway to do this, does any know know of a way?

Sorry, this is a very small thing, but it can help the visuals when you have many channels in the info box.



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While it would be possible to create a css style to highlight one of the texts.
I dont immediatly see a way to know which one is selected, without using js…

Maybe possible in css one day if chromium gets the :has() selector, altho seems like that is not gonna happen in the near future xd