X-trace on chart

Hi. Let say I have a lineplot and time is the x-axis. Any idea on how i can link the built in x-trace function to a singel timestamp? So instead of clicking on the plot and place the trace, I want the trace to be placed based on a tag value. Any ideas :scratch:

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is supported in the NoteChart Module in the marketplace. Look at the โ€˜traceTSโ€™ property. Usable whether the chart is in X-Trace mode or not. You might want to look at the announcement post where you can find the latest demo project for it.

Nice and spot on. Any idea if this feature can be included using scripting on the standard charts? By using the extension functions: Configure charts ?

I rewrote the X-Trace functionality entirely in NoteChart to get the features you see. So, probably not.

Ok. Thanks :thumb_right: