X-Value in XY Chart Bullet Tooltip

The default text for the bullet tooltip is {name}: [bold]{valueY}[/] and the documentation simply says


in regards to how to format the text of a bullet tooltip in an XY line chart. Is there any way to get the x-value in there? I’ve tried valueX, x, value all to no avail. Am I missing something or is it just not possible?

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It looks like {valueX} should be correct, but maybe you could also use a series name?


Ah, I got it.

Apparently it’s {valueX}, {categoryX} or {dateX} depending on how the value is treated. In my case, I need {dateX}.

Thank you!


Is it possible to “export” this dateX into another component (a label for example) ?

No, these are special formatting strings that the XYChart’s internal rendering code (coming from amcharts, see above) knows how to format.