X-Y chart with Category x-axis seems to apply its own sorting despite data order

Shown below is an example of what’s happening:


The data is sorted on an ID column that isn’t being shown in the chart and is being put in the chart via a category column. I would expect that the data would retain the order that it’s originally given in, but it seems like the chart is trying to apply its own sorting to the data when rendered by category like this, causing the graph to appear broken.

Apologies for using a pastebin, but I figured it’d be the easiest way to share this.

This is the chart data (in a dataSource called production): https://p.szy.io/0qHOlg/raw

And here’s the Chart component itself as copied from Ignition: https://p.szy.io/acT8hQ/raw

Any solutions for this? I am having the same problem.