Xinje plc conection to opc ua ignition

can igintion support PLC XINJE brand ? and how can be configured

What model of PLC?

I highly doubt Xinje has OPC UA built in, it has been years since I worked with them.

The models I worked with, the only option would be to use ModBUS RTU on the PLC and an external card e.g. Moxa MB3170 to make that ModBUS TCP for connection to Ignition. Or you could use a PC serial card of course.

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The plc is XD3-24R

Yes that only has RS232 and RS485, so my original point stands.

For the XC series which is what I used, there is a T-Box, which is the Xinje equivalent of MOXA MB3170.

and for the delta they have OPC can be supported by ignition?


RS-232, to connect upper computer, HMI for program or debug.


RS-232/RS-485, to connect intelligent instruments or inverters.

Only with the ModBUS driver.

for the XINJE or DELTA brand ?

Sorry that was Xinje, I thought maybe XD3 the D was for Delta. I don’t know Delta, never used. Again, post the PLC model.

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i am choosing betwin the two brands Delta and XINJE that will be used in acquisition project based on ignition platform
DVP-SX2 for Delta PLC

The DVP-SX2 has similar comms options to the Xinje XD3.

Looking at the delta website, there are other more powerful looking PLCs with ethernet on board that should do ModBUS TCP natively without needing a converter.

I searched this forum for delta and found some posts on Modbus, but the OP didn’t state which model they were working with.

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No problem, good luck with your project.

As a last point, you tagged this as Ignition 80. If this is a new project, you should be using Ignition 8.1. Ignition 8.0 is already out of support.