Xlsxwriter not working in ignition 8

Hello All,
I have scheduled reports , that goes out on clients ftps server in .xlsx format. I was using .xlsxlibrary to convert .csv to .xlsx. (ignition 7.9)
But same script is not working in ignition 8.1. Can anybody share steps about how to make this work.
I saw one post about Apache POI, but not much familiar with it.
Any help will be much appreciated.

This thread has scripts going to and from datasets. Shouldn't take much rework to do csv.

Hello Jordan. Thank you so much for the reply. I tested his and it created the file with the name i wanted in .xlsx format.
But instead of the sample dataset how can i use report dataset which i have in .csv format?


There are quite a few examples of how to convert a csv file to a dataset. Here's one of them.