XML import tags name

I import a xml file to ignition and it says that a tag doesn’t have a valid name.
I dont see any illegal characters in the name.

I already running the latest version of ignition: 7.9.9
It is about the tag: Setting values ​​dosage control different

What is wrong in this name?

-this is not the only tag with this error where I dont see any illegal characters

xml command for this tag:

<Tag name='Setting values ​​dosage control different' path='Line 4/Feeder' type='OPC'>
<Property name='Value'/>
<Property name='DataType'>4</Property>
<Property name='OPCServer'>Ignition OPC-UA Server</Property>
<Property name='OPCItemPath'></Property>

That is not csv, that is XML…

sorry, put it good in the title but in the text not, it’s edited now :wink:

Solved, I had to set encoding to ANSI and convert it to UTF8

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