Xml tag using default values from UDT

I am using a script to generate my xml for a tags. In Ignition designer, I have a UDT setup that has some default alarm parameters with a certain mode that I like to use the UDT to redefine later as needed.

When I generate my tags in an xml file, I thought that by not defining those alarm values that it would use the default in the predefined UDT. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

For example, in my UDT definitions, I have a tag “myUDT” with an alarm using a mode=3 (above setpoint) with a setpoint of 5 minute.

When I create a tag to use the myUDT, in the alarm definitions, I only assign it a source path and some notification pipeline. However, by assign it a pipeline, it set the rest of the alarm definitions to manual override. It put the mode = 0 and change the setpoint to 0.

Partial tag example below. Noted that I did not set the mode or setpoint intentionally because I want to use the values in the UDT as I want to change those later and get it push to every tags with “myUDT” definition.

<Tag name="myNewTag" type="AtomicTag">
<Property name="sourceTagPath">[MQTT Engine]Some/Path/value</Property>
<CompoundProperty name="alarms">
<Property name="name">Alarm</Property>
<Property name="ackPipeline" bindtype="Expression">{[default]Some/pipeline}</Property>
<Property name="activePipeline" bindtype="Expression">{[default]Some/pipeline}</Property>
<Property name="clearPipeline" bindtype="Expression">{[default]Some/pipeline}</Property>

Question is, how do I set this up so that I can define my pipeline and tag path without setting to manual override and Ignition setting it mode=0 for alarm mode? Thanks.

What’s your process for adding those tags ? Are you creating them outside of the designer with a script, then importing them ?
Could we see the full xml of one of those tags ?