Xopc alternatives

I am trying to upgrade a custom driver module in ‘device’ format and need some help in figuring out xopc dependency alternatives:

In the old code, there is an overridden implementation of AbstractDriver.messageArrived method. This is crucial in knowing when does a socket driver receive data and then manipulate further.
With the Device implementation, there is no socket or abstract driver. I want to understand if there are alternatives in opcua or milo that could give me a similar functionality?

No there is not any equivalent.

The new Device API intentionally deals only with the OPC UA integration. Your device implementation should take care of its own networking or protocol implementation, if it has one. These are intentionally separate concerns.

When building a driver/device implementation for Ignition the advice (for a long time now) has been that you should have a client or protocol implementation or whatever that can talk to your device entirely independent of any Ignition APIs, and then you just integrate that into the driver/device API.

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Okay, Thank you @Kevin.Herron for answering this so quick.