XY Chart adding in a USL and LSL

I am attempting to add in a static USL and LSL value into an XY chart. I can't figure out how to overlay the USL/LSL value onto the existing series of data, it seems to add the value in as a totally separate series of data.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Posting code is more useful than screen shots, though sometimes both code and screenshots are helpful.

That said, from what I can see:

  • you have one plot
  • you have two series (lines drawn based on x,y data) on that plot
  • you have two axis on the plot. Both are on the left.
    • the first series (series[0]) is plotted against axis[0]
    • the second series (series[1]) is plotted against axis[1]

From your description, what you want is probably

  • one plot
  • three series (measurement, USL, LSL)
  • one axis, with all three series plotted against the same axis (axis[0])

You have explicitly instructed Perspective to plot series[1] on axis[1] by selecting USL as the yAxis.

Change that to yAxis: default (or whatever you named axis[0]) and see if that is what you were expecting.

Hi Tim,

Forgot to mention that this data is being pulled from a SQL query, so there's no code used.

You were correct though, I hadn't set the yAxis to share the same yAxis as my other data, ugh. Thanks!!!

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For future reference, right click on the chart and copy. That will serialize the chart properties as JSON. Paste them here in an expandable section (search the internet for "expandable section markdown").

Ahh good tip! :slight_smile: