XY Chart Background Fill

I would like to color the background of my plot area but it changes the background color of the entire xy chart component. Is this expected behavior or even possible to change the background color of just the plot area? See EasyChart example from Vision and my other screenshot of Perspective’s XY Chart.


Sorry for the delay. We have not exposed the ability to set the background color on the plot area only. For the time being, if you’re going with a dark mode, I might suggest setting the axis and legend label colors to match the color of your x and y axes grid lines. From a web design perspective, it would be considered better design (but this is just my opinion).


Do you have any plan to expose background of XY chart? or Date picker.
unfortunately, the dark theme doesn’t work.

Hi, Nader.

You mean the plot area, similar to above? The XYChart does have a background property where you can set the background color of the entire chart. The date picker, yes, when we get back to the task of fully implementing theming in Perspective, where approximately 90% of the components will have both a light and dark theme right out of the box.

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Yes but it doesn’t work and constantly overwrite by chart white background.