XY Chart Customization

hello, I have been working in ignition vision module to create dashboards and now I’ve started exploring Perspective module I have created a bar chart using the XY chart component but I’m not satisfied with the output due to the following reasons. Help me create a similar vision module output in Perspective module.

  1. there are separate range in Y AXIS for each legends I create. I need a common Range for all the Legend that I display.

  2. I’m unable to display the bar label for each for each column.

  3. I need spacing between the Columns

I have attached the charts for your reference, Kindly assist me in this issue.

Welcome @jimeliot.d can’t answer all of it, but here’s some starting points:

  1. This is done by only declaring one y-axis in the yAxes property and ensuring that all series are using that axis
  2. It’s not the perfect solution, but more information can be found: Perspective Bar Chart value labels - #2 by Phil_B
  3. I’m sure I’ve seen this done somewhere, but I can’t find a suitable reference, so :man_shrugging:

Sorry I can’t answer all the questions, but hopefully it is enough to start with :slight_smile:

Thank you @matthew.ayre