XY Chart Display issues

I posted a clip since its hard to describe. I’m having issues with the XY chart drawing at an unusable size. If I zoom in 20% then zoom out 10% it shows up, or if I zoom out 10% it shows up, but it has an odd behavior otherwise.

The component is in a flex container with the following configuration. Any ideas?

Edit: I just did it again after putting a border around the chart, it appears the graph inside the component is being resized not the component itself.



I have run into the same problem with the XY-Chart in flex-container and the solution is to change the flex-container to row direction. It has to be a bug either in flex-container or XY-Chart component.

I’ve had weird layout issues with the other chart with Flex views. I was able to fix it by embedding the chart in a tab control.

Try putting the chart in a tab control and see if it fixes the problem.