XY Chart: Draw Tolerance Band

Is it possilble to draw a tolerance band in xy chart, like in the example image?

You could just and an elemnt behind it with those colors, that is if the upper and lower limit of the grapgh are static…

If its not static you’ll have to do some maths to put it on the correct space …

the linear-gradient style is create for something like this

The example image is done by that. Problem is, when you deselect one of the series, the xy chart rezises and all the elements of the tolerance-band have to be rezised. So the elements of the tolerance-band need an event to rezise when the xy-chart rescales. I don’t know to connect the tolerance-band-elements to signals from the xychart for rescaling.

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Idk if its possible for your data, but you can set a min and max range of the y’axes to a fixed value so it doesnt jump around

that should make it easier to keep the colors in place

Thanks, i can live with fixing the range
To implement this in xychart, from ignition , to set color bands, would be a nice update

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After reading and some experimenting, i found out, the best way, to do this, is to use a column as render property. Using in the data property the time stamp of the start of the time interval and in the column property the time stamp of the end of the time interval

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