[XY Chart] Group and sum same day datas


I am having troubles trying to aggregate datas (Hours => Days)
Changing the Axis baseInterval doesn’t really work.
I found in the AMChart docs a way to do this but I can’t figure a way to change the aggregation function (it actually takes the last value from the day but i want it to sum all the values).

Here is my chart with datas by hour


And my chart when i group by day (it only displays the last day’s value


The Amcharts doc :


If anybody knows where am i supposed to set the valueXGrouped = sum …

Could clarify what your use case is for aggregating the data with the sum?
If I understand correctly, you’re asking if it is possible to change these aggregation mode for the xAxes > date > baseInterval property to one of these modes specified in the AMChart documentation with the Perspective XY chart?

Possible values for any of the aggregate-function settings are: "open" , "close" , "low" , "high" , "average" , "sum" , "extreme" .

Well I have power consumption datas hours by hour.

It takes to much time to render if i display them on a wide rang, so i need to aggregate datas for example by day if i want to show a full month.

The problem is that just playing with the baseInterval property doesn’t work fine in that case (it kind of display all the values within a day) .

I found a way to do this using the groupInterval property of AMchart wihich doesn’t appears in the ignition designer but is still accessible.


This groupInterval property bypass the baseInterval property and sets it according to the timeUnit set.
But its aggregation function by default is to show only the last value from the set.

So yes, i want to pass the aggregation function to “sum”, but can’t figure out how to do this !